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Order Passeriformes    Family Turdidae

Thrushes are plump, soft-plumaged, small to medium-sized birds, inhabiting wooded areas, and often feed on the ground or eat small fruit. Most species are gray or brown in color, often with speckled underparts. Even if the adults do not have these speckles, the juveniles often will. They are insectivorous, but most species also eat worms, snails, and fruit. Thrushes build cup-shaped nests, sometimes lining them with mud. They lay two to five speckled eggs, sometimes laying two or more clutches per year. Both parents help in raising the young. The songs of some species are considered to be among the most beautiful in the avian world.

The thrushes are presented on the following web pages:
1) Geokichla and Zoothera    2) Bluebirds                     3) Solitaires
4) Nigthingale-Thrushes        5) True thrushes (Turdus)  6) Miscellaneous


The miscellaneous thrushes are closely related to the "True Thrushes".

Genus Chlamydochaera - 1 species

Fruit-hunter  Chlamydochaera jefferyi  Found: southeast Asian island of Borneo
Image by: 1) Mike Prince  2) Nigel Voaden  Nigel_Voaden

Genus Cochoa
The cochoas have brightly contrasting plumage  patterns. They occur in southeast Asia.

Cochoa, Green  Cochoa viridis  Found: Found southeast Asia
The Green Cochoa has a green mantle; blue crown, wings, tail; black band at tail tip. Female has more green on the upperparts and some rusty spots on the wing coverts.
Image by: 1) Umeshsrinivasan  2) Umeshsrinivasan

Cochoa, Javan  Cochoa azurea  Found: Indonesia
The male Javan Cochoa has blue upperparts; blue-black underparts. Female has blackish plumage.
Image by: 1) Tim  2) dpfunsun

Cochoa, Purple  Cochoa purpurea  Found southeast Asia
The Purple Cochoa has a silvery blue crown; black mask.
Image by: 1) John Gould

Cochoa,_Sumatran   Cochoa beccarii  Found: Indonesia
Image by: 1) Yann_Muzika - Sumatra

Genus Ixoreus

Thrush,_Varied  Ixoreus naevius    Found: North America
The Varied Thrush has garyish-black upperparts; black breast-band; orange wing-bars, throat, supercilium, belly. Related to: Aztec Thrush.
Image by: 1. 2. 3) Alan D Wilson - Black Creek, Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia    4) Eugene_Beckes

Genus Ridgwayia - 1 species

Thrush,_Aztec  Ridgwayia pinicola  Found: North America
The male Aztec Thrush has dark brown back, head, throat, upper-breast; rest of underparts white. Female is lighter brown.
Image by: 1) Francesco Veronesi  - Mexico  2) cattymeetswampus - Arizona  3) Dominic Sherony - Mexico
1, 2) Female  3) Male

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