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If you enjoy watching birds you probably have at least one bird book you use for helping to identify species. And if you travel to different countries, you may well have a collection of bird books. Bird books, also called field guides, often display many related species on the same page; or if not the same page, then on nearby pages. This lets one glance from species to species, compare the similarities and differences, and more easily identify a species you are not familiar with.

This website is designed to serve as an online bird book. For ease of comparison, there are many species of birds on a web page. There are also links to similar birds that further help to compare species. And there are links to more online information for each species. The web pages are organized by genus and bird family. Families are often grouped together by related functions. For example, there are raptor pages for eagles, falcons, hawks, kites, owls, and vultures. There are entries for over 10,000 species.


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World Index for Bird Species.
This index is arranged by species of bird. For example, to find the link for Ruddy Duck, look for the entry "Duck, Ruddy". The species Indian Whistling-Duck is entered in the index as "Duck, Indian Whistling-".

Continent Indexes: N. America,  S. AmericaEuropeAsiaAfricaAustralia etc.

"Birds of the World" is also organized by continent. If you are trying to identify a duck that was photographed in Africa, you may not want to be distracted by ducks that are found in North America. Thus there are indexes for the various continents. The index for "Australia etc." lists birds for Australia, New Guinea and New Zealand.

Public Domain
All photos on this site are available for general use, unless otherwise specified on the thumbnail. Please credit the photographer. Some images have additional constraints such as no commercial use or modifications. Click the photo credit link for details. 

Scroll down to see a list of the bird species and the photographers.                                

Photo Credits in order of appearance
Andy_Li: Pied Avocet; Koshy_Koshy: Blue-throated Barbet; Hiyashi_Haka: Silver-breasted Broadbill
Dick Daneils: Bufflehead, Spot_Billed Duck, Falcated_Duck, Fawn-breasted_Bowerbird, Ferruginous_Duck, Galapagos_Dove, Great_Cormorant, Laysan_Albatross, Mottled_Duck, Mourning_Dove, Pied_Avocet, Pied_Cormorant, Redhead, Short-billed_Dowitcher, West_Indian_Whistling-Duck, White-eared_Catbird, White-headed_Duck, Wood_Duck, Yellow-billed_Duck.