Birds of the World
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An invaluable resourse if you don't have access to all the world's bird books. I use this extensively, especially to extract descriptions of bird species.

Wikimedia photos are available for use by the general public. Only credit is due to the photographer, not money! I have contributed over 1000 photos to Wikimedia. Most photos that are used in Widipedia come from Wikimedia.

African Bird Club
The African Bird Club has a large collection of African bird images.

This has lots of information about bird species. In particular, I like the maps that show distribution of a species.

Avibird Videos has much more than vidoes.

Birds of Finland, Europe, and More:

Bird Families of The World

Bird Sounds
Xeno-Canto is a website dedicated to sharing bird sounds from all over the world. The recordings are licensed so the songs can be included on your website.

Bird Watching - tips for beginners and children
Bird Watching - Beginner's guide to Bird Watching.

Cape Fear Audubon Society
The local chapter of the National Audubon Society, serving Brunswick, Pender, New Hanover, and Onslow counties.

Carolina Bird Club
Meets 3 times per year. Leads bird trips. A great photo gallery. Finding birds in the Carolinas (WIKI based).

Clements Checklist
Great for learning the officially recognized name of a bird species.

Cornell University's BIRD GUIDE
The online BIRD GUIDE contains bird photos and facts, plus recorded bird songs.

Creative Commons etc

Doug Pratt
Leading expert on birds of Hawaii and Pacific Islands, illustrator, artist, muscian.

Eagle Directory
Great site for finding information about eagles.

Database for bird sightings and more

Handbook of the Birds of the World
On-line version of 17 volume HBW series.

Internet Bird Collection

Larry Neily
Lots of information about birding in Canada.

Mike Barth Birding Tours
Small groups to UAE, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, India and Sri lanka.

National Audubon Society
Provides general birding information.

Neotropical Bird photos - Nick Athanas
Nick is co-founder of Tropical Birding and a professional bird tour leader

New Guinea Birds - Katerina Tvardikova
Provides descriptions and photos of New Guinea birds. Most photos are by Katerina and are in public domain.

Oriental Bird Images
The Oriental Bird Club has a large collection of Oriental bird images.

Parrot Encyclopedia
Detailed Information about hundreds of parrot species.

Sibley Guide to Birds. Great for identifying birds of North America.