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Order Passeriformes    Family Turdidae

Thrushes are plump, soft-plumaged, small to medium-sized birds, inhabiting wooded areas, and often feed on the ground or eat small fruit. Most species are gray or brown in color, often with speckled underparts. Even if the adults do not have these speckles, the juveniles often will. They are insectivorous, but most species also eat worms, snails, and fruit. Thrushes build cup-shaped nests, sometimes lining them with mud. They lay two to five speckled eggs, sometimes laying two or more clutches per year. Both parents help in raising the young. The songs of some species are considered to be among the most beautiful in the avian world.

The thrushes are presented on the following web pages:
1) Geokichla and Zoothera    2) Bluebirds                     3) Solitaires
4) Nigthingale-Thrushes        5) True thrushes (Turdus)  6) Miscellaneous


Genus Cichlopsis - 1 species

Solitaire, Rufous-brown  Cichlopsis leucogenys  Found: northern South America
Image by: 1) Cornell_Univ's_Neotropical_Birds_Online - Dusan_Brinkhuizen

Genus Entomodestes
They are found in humid Andean highland forest in South America. The two species both have black underparts and head, and a white patch on the lower face, but differ in the colour of the back.

Solitaire, Black  Entomodestes coracinus  Found: Columbia, Ecuador
Image by: 1) Cornell_Univ's_Neotropical_Birds_Online - Jorge_Munoz_García  2) Peter Bong 

Solitaire, White-eared Entomodestes leucotis  Found: Bolivia, Peru
Image by: 1) Claudio Timm  2) Nick Athanas - Peru

Genus Grandala - 1 species

Grandala  Grandala coelicolor   Found: northeastern Indian subcontinent
Image by: 1) Yann_Muzika- China  2) Solundir - Nepal

Genus Myadestes

Omao  Myadestes obscurus  Found: island of Hawaii
The Omao has dull olive-brown  upperparts; gray-brown head; gray underparts; whitish vent and undertail coverts.
Image by: 1) Joseph Smit  2) Caleb Siemmons

Puaiohi  also  Small Kauai Thrush  Myadestes palmeri  Kauai
Image by: 1) Biodiversity Library  2) Eike Wulfmeyer

Solitaire,_Andean  Myadestes ralloides  Found: northern South America
Image by: 1) Jerry Oldenettel - Ecuador  2) Christopher_Canaday - Ecuador  3) Nick Athanas - Peru

Solitaire, Black-faced  Myadestes melanops  Found: Costa Rica, Panama
The Black-faced Solitaire has mainly dary gray plumage; black face, wings; orange bill, legs.
Image by: 1 Basar   2) Paul Bedel - Costa Rical  3) Don Faulkner - Costa Rica

Solitaire, Brown-backed  Myadestes occidentalis  Found: Mexico, northern Central America
The Brown-backed Solitaire has mostly gray plumage; brown wings (similar to a brown back when folded); white eye-ring.
Image by: 1) Francesco Veronesi - Mexico  2, 3) Jerry Oldenettel - Arizona  4) Nick Athanas - Mexico

Solitaire, Cuban  Myadestes elisabeth  Found: Cuba
The Cuban Solitaire has brown upperparts; pale underparts. It has a wonderful song.
Image by: 1) Cornell_Univ's_Neotropical_Birds_Online - Yeray_Seminario    2, 3) Jerry Oldenettel  

Solitaire, Rufous-throated  Myadestes genibarbis  Found: Caribbean
Image by: 1) Don Faulkner - Dominica  2) Marcel Holyoak

Solitaire, Slate-colored  Myadestes unicolor  Found: Mexico, Central America
The Slate-colored Solitaire has mainly gray plumage; black eye-line; white broken eye-ring.
Image by: 1) Cornell_Univ's_Neotropical_Birds_Online - Asociacion_AESMO   2) Jorge Montejo - Mexico  3) Nick Athanas - Mexico

Solitaire, Townsend's  Myadestes townsendi  Found: North America
The Townsend's Solitaire has gray plumage; paler underparts; white eye-ring; blackish bill.
Image by: 1, 3) David Mitchell  2) Brian_Hoffe

Solitaire,_Varied  Myadestes coloratus  Found: Columbia, Panama
The Varied Solitaire has brown upperparts; black wings, tail; pink bill; slate gray cap, neck, underparts; blackish face.
Image by: 1) Cornell_Univ's_Neotropical_Birds_Online - Andrew_Spencer

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