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Gruiformes means "crane-like",  The order include 14 species of large cranes, about 145 species of smaller crakes and rails, as well as a variety of families comprising a small number of species.

Guiformes has the following families
Aramidae: limpkin
Gruidae: cranes
Heliornithidae: finfoots
Psophiidae: trumpeters
Rallidae: coots, gallinules, moorhens
Rallidae: crakes, rails
Sarothruridae: flufftails

Family Aramidae: Limpkins

This family only has one species. It is found mostly in wetlands in warm parts of the Americas, from Florida to northern Argentina. It feeds on mollusks. The male and females look alike, however the males are slightly larger. The limpkin's call is loud and scream-like.

Genus Aramus - 1 species

Limpkin Aramus guarauna   Found: Florida, Mexico to South America, Caribbean
Similar to: Glossy Ibis (juvenile). Glossy Ibis is darker and its bill is more curved than Limpkin.
Similar to: White Ibis (juvenile). Juvenile White Ibis has white belly; Limpkin has dark belly. Similar to: White Ibis (juvenile). Juvenile White Ibis has white belly, Limpkin has dark belly.
Image by:  1) Adubin  2, 3, 4, 6) Dick Daniels - Lake Okeechobee, Florida  5, 8) Dick - Lake Okeechobee  7) Leppyone 
1) Juvenile  8) With an Osprey  9) Cristiano Crolle - River Tigre Delta, Argentina

Order Gruiformes   Family Psophiidae -  1 genus

This family has 3 species. They are named for the trumpeting call of the males. They are dumpy birds with long necks and legs and curved bills and a hunched posture. Their heads are small, but their eyes are relatively large, making them look "good-natured".

Genus Psophia

Trumpeter, Gray-winged  Psophia crepitans Found: South America
The Gray-winged Trumpeter has a mainly dark body with gray rear; chestnut tinge above the gray rear; rounded profile.
Image by:   1) Dick Daniels - Sylvan Heights   2, 3) Dick - the Jacksonville Zoo, Florida  4) Sandy Cole - National Aviary 

Trumpeter, Pale-winged  Psophia leucoptera  Found: rainforest of Brazil, Bolivia, Peru
The Pale-winged Trumpeter has a mainly dark body with white rear; ; rounded profile.
Image by:  1) Ajvhan - Peru  2) Jerry Villone - Peru  3) Arthur Chapman - Peru  4) Cornell_Univ's_Neotropical_Birds_Online -Joe_Tobias
3) Gray-winged Trumpeter in foreground, Pale-winged Trumpeter in background.

Trumpeter,_Dark-winged  Psophia viridis  Found: rainforest of Brazil
Image by: 1) John Keulemans  2) Nick Athanas  3) Cornell_Univ's_Neotropical_Birds_Online - Joao_Quental

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