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Order Passeriformes    Family Pellorneidae

The ground babblers are a family of mostly Old World passerine birds. They are rather diverse in size and coloration, but are characterised by soft fluffy plumage. These are birds of tropical areas, with the greatest variety in Southeast Asia and the Indian Subcontinent. The entire family was previously included in the Timaliidae. It is not settled what genus should belong to Pellorneidae. Some put genus Alcippe in this family; Clements puts them in Leiothrichidae.

Genus Gampsorhynchus

Babbler,_Collared  Gampsorhynchus torquatus  Found: Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam
The Collared Babbler has brown upperparts; white head; buff underparts.
Image by: 1) Francesco_Veronesi

Babbler, White-hooded  Gampsorhynchus rufulus  Found: Asia
The White-hooded Babbler has mainly white head; rufous rear crown.
Image by: 1) Pkspks - India  2, 3) Darren Bellerby - Edward Youde Aviary, Hong Kong
1) Juvenile

Genus Graminicola

Grassbird,_Chinese  Graminicola striatus  Found: China, Hong Kong, Myanmar
Image by: 1) David Fisher - Myanmar

Grassbird,_Indian  Graminicola bengalensis   Found: Bangladesh, Bhutan , India, Nepal
Image by: 1) Jyotendra_Jyu_Thakuri

Genus Illadopsis
Illadopsis is Greek for thrush - implying these babblers have a thrush-like appearance. All are found in tropical Africa.

Babbler,_Thrush  Illadopsis turdina  Found: south-central Africa
Image by: 1) Nigel_Voaden - Cameroon

Illadopsis,_Black-capped   Illadopsis cleaveri  Found: Africa
Image by: 1) John_Gerrard_Keulemans

Illadopsis, Brown Illadopsis fulvescens   Found: Africa
Image by: Dick Daniels in Tanzania

Illadopsis, Pale-breasted  Illadopsis rufipennis  Found: Africa
Image by: Dick Daniels - specimen in Nairobi National Museum, Kenya  2) KD Dijkstra - Tanzania

Illadopsis,_Puvel's   Illadopsis puveli  Found: Africa
Image by: 1) David_Cook - Uganda  2) Miichael_And_Helen_Cox

Illadopsis,_Rufous-winged   Illadopsis rufescens  Found: Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Senegal
Image by: 1)

Illadopsis,_Scaly-breasted   Illadopsis albipectus  Found: Africa
Image by: 1) Biodiversity_Heritage_Library  2) Ken_Behrens

Illadopsis,_Mountain  Illadopsis pyrrhoptera  Found: Africa
Image by: 1)  2) jbates606

Genus Jabouilleia

Babbler,_Short-tailed_Scimitar-   Jabouilleia danjoui  also Napothera danjoui  Found: Laos, Vietnam
Image by: 1) Janos_Otah - Vietnam

Genus Kenopia - 1 species

Babbler,_Striped_Wren-  Kenopia striata  Found: Borneo, Thailand
Image by: 1, 2) Mike_Price  3) Marcel_Holyoak

Genus Malacocincla

Babbler,_Abbott's Malacocincla abbotti also Turdinus abbottiFound: southeast Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia
The Abbott's Babbler has drab olive-brown upperparts; grayish-white throat; white belly; olive flanks; rusty under-tail coverts.
Image by: 1) Dave Curtis - Thailand  2) Francesco_Veronesi  3) Rushenb

Babbler,_Black-browed Malacocincla perspicillata also Turdinus perspicillatus Found: Borneo
Image by: 1) Naturalis_Biodiversity_Center

Babbler,_Horsfield's Malacocincla sepiaria also Turdinus sepiarius Found: southeast Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia
Image by: 1) Mike Prince - Borneo  2) Simin_Tonge - Malaysia

Genus Malacopteron
The Malacopteron babblers are found in Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines.

Babbler,_Gray-breasted  Malacopteron albogulare Found: Indonesia, Malaysia
Image by: 1) Con_Foley - Malaysia

Babbler,_Melodious  also Palawan Babbler  Malacopteron palawanense Found: southwest Philippines
Image by: 1, 2) carlo_benitez_gomez

Babbler,_Moustached  Malacopteron magnirostre Found: southeast Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia
The Moustached Babbler has dull brown upperparts; olive-brown crown; faint moustachial stripe; whitish underparts.
Image by: 1) Sergey_Pisarevskiy - Malaysia 2) Sabine's_Sunbird 

Babbler,_Rufous-crowned  Malacopteron magnum Found: southeast Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines
Image by: 1) Opisska - Malaysia

Babbler,_Scaly-crowned  Malacopteron cinereum Found: southeast Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia
Image by: 1) Francesco_Veronesi - Thailand

Babbler,_Sooty-capped  Malacopteron affine Found: Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia
Image by: 1) Mike_Price - Borneo  2) Peter_Ericsson - Indonesia

Genus Napothera
The "wren-babblers" of family Pnoepygidae (Wren-Babblers) are not closely related to the "wren-babblers" of family Pellorneidae (Ground-Babblers).

Babbler,_Black-throated_Wren-  Napothera atrigularis  also Turdinus atrigularisFound: Borneo
Image by: 1) Janos_Olah

Napothera epilepidota  Found: southeast Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia
Image by: 1) Francesco_Veronesi

 Napothera macrodactyla also Turdinus macrodactylus Found: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand
Image by: 1) Tony_Sawbridge

 Napothera crispifrons also Turdinus crispifrons Found: China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam
Image by: 1) Francesco_Veronesi  2) Dave_Curtis - Thailand

  Napothera marmorata also Turdinus marmoratusFound: Indonesia, Malaysia
Image by: 1) James_Eaton  2) David_Bakewell

Babbler,_Mountain_Wren-  Napothera crassa also Turdinus crassusFound: Borneo
Image by: 1) Mike_Prince

Babbler,_Rusty-breasted_Wren- Napothera rufipectus  also Turdinus rufipectusFound: Sumatra (Indonesia)
Image by: 1) Boas_Emmanuel

Babbler,_Streaked_Wren- Napothera brevicaudata  also Turdinus brevicaudatusFound: southeastern Asia, Malaysia
Image by: 1, 2) Naturelly - Thailand  3) Dave Curtis - Thailand

Genus Pellorneum

Babbler,_Ashy-headed   Pellorneum cinereiceps also Malacocincla cinereiceps Found: Philippines
The Ashy-headed Babbler has ochre-brown upperparts; gray crown, nape; darker moustachial stripe; whitish underparts with ochre wash across breast and flanks.
Image by: 1, 2) Backk67  - Palawan

Babbler,_Black-capped   Pellorneum capistratum   Found: Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand.
Image by: 1) W.A. Djatmiko - West Java (Indonesia)  2) Marcel_Holyoak - Borneo

Babbler,_Brown-capped   Pellorneum fuscocapillus   Found: Sri Lanka
The Brown-capped Babbler has brown upperparts; cinammon underparts; dark brown crown.
Image by: 1) Steve Garvie  2) Lip_kee

Babbler_Buff-breasted   Pellorneum tickelli   Found: southeast Asia, Malaysia
Image by: 1) John_Gerrard_Keulemans  2) Apisit_Wilaijit - thailand

Babbler,_Ferrugininous   Pellorneum bicolor  also Trichastoma bicolor  Found: southeast Asai, Indonesia
Image by: 1) Francesco_Veronesi - Thailand

Babbler,_Marsh   Pellorneum palustre   Found: Banglades, India
Image by: 1) John_Gould  2) Jainy_Kuriakose - Assam, India

Babbler,_Puff-throated   Pellorneum ruficeps    Found: southeast Asia, Malaysia
The Puff-throated Babbler has brown upperparts; chestnut crown; whitish underparts with brown streak; buff supercilium, eye-rings; white throat which is sometimes puffy.
Image by: 1) JJ Harrison - Thailand  2) Shrikant_Rao - Bangalore  3) Vijay_Ismavel  4) Koshy_Koshy

Babbler,_Short-tailed   Pellorneum malaccense  also Malacocincla malaccensis  Found: Borneo, Malaysia, Singapore, Sumatra, Thailand
Image by: 1) Lip Kee  2) Naturelly - Singapore  3) Budak

Babbler,_Spot-throated   Pellorneum albiventre   Found: southeast Asia
Image by: 1) Dhanatas_Thovanich - Thailand  2) Jainy_Kuriakose - India

Babbler,_Sulawesi   Pellorneum celebense also Trichastoma celebense Found: Indonesia
Image by: 1) Francesco_Veronesi - Sulawesi

Babbler,_Sumatran   Pellorneum buettikoferi   Found: Indonesia
Image by: 1) Agus_Nurza - Sumatra, Indonesia

Babbler,_Temminck's   Pellorneum pyrrogenys   Found: Indonesia, Malaysia
Image by: 1) James_Eaton

Babbler,_White-chested  Pellorneum rostratum  also Trichastoma rostratum Found: Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand
Image by: 1) Michael_Woodruff - Malaysia

Genus Ptilocichla
The wren-babblers.

Babbler,_Bornean_Wren- Ptilocichla leucogrammica  Found: Borneo (Indonesia, Malaysia)
Image by: 1) Gary_Albert  2) Mike_Prince

Babbler_Falcated_Wren- Ptilocichla falcata  Found: Philippines
Image by: 1, 2) carlo_benitez_gomez

Babbler,_Striated_Wren- Ptilocichla mindanensis  Found: Philippines
Image by: 1) unknown

Genus Rimator

Babbler,_Long-billed_Wren-  Rimator malacoptilus also Napothera malacoptila  Found: southeast Asia
Image by: 1, 2) Umeshsrinivasan - India

Babbler,_Sumatran_Wren- Rimator albostriatus also Napothera albostriata  Found: Sumatra (Indonesia)
Image by: 1) James_Eaton

Babbler,_White-throated_Wren-   Rimator pasquieri also Napothera pasquieriFound: Vietnam
Image by: 1) Lan_Craik

Genus Schoeniparus
The birds in this genus are called fulvettas. They are found in Indian subcontinent, southeast Asia, Malaysia. They are not close relatives of the "typical" fulvettas, which are in the genus Fulvetta of the family Paradoxornithidae or family Sylviidae. The species below are assigned by Clements to Schoeniparus. Clements puts other fulvettas in genus Alcippe..

Fulvetta,_Black-crowned Schoeniparus klossi also Alcippe klossi  Found: Vietnam
The Black-crowned Fulvetta is also considered a subspecies of the Rufous-winged Fulvetta.
Image by: 1) Christopher_Hill

Fulvetta, Dusky Schoeniparus brunneus  also Alcippe brunnea  Found: China, Taiwan
Image by: 1, 3) Lin_Sun_Fong - Taiwan  2) Kevin Lin   4) Hank

Fulvetta_Rufous-throated Schoeniparus rufogularis  also Alcippe rufogularis   Found: Indian subcontinent, southeast Asia
Image by: 1)  LonelyShrimp - Thailand

Fulvetta,_Rufous-winged Schoeniparus castaneceps also Alcippe castaneceps  Found: Indian subcontinent, southeast Asia, Malaysia
The Rufous-winged Fulvetta has brown upperparts; white supercilium extends along neck; dark chestnut crown; pale underparts; rufous primaries. The Black-crowned Fulvetta is also considered a subspecies of the Rufous-winged Fulvetta.
Image by: 1) Francesco_Veronesi - Bhutan  2) LonelyShrimp  3) Dave_Curtis - Thailand 

Fulvetta,_Rusty-capped Schoeniparus dubius also Alcippe dubia  Found: Bhutan, China, India, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam
Image by: 1) Dibyendu_Ash - India

Fulvetta,_Yellow-throated Schoeniparus cinereus also Alcippe cinerea   Found: Indian subcontinent, southeast Asia
Image by: 1) Dibyendu_Ash - India  2) Umeshsrinivasan  3) Francesco_Veronesi - India

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