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Order Passeriformes    Family Pachycephalidae

The Whistler family of birds includes whistlers and shrikethrushes.. They are found in Australasia. They predominantly live in wooded areas and their diet consists mainly of insects. They are small stout birds with strong bills. Why the stout bills if they mainly eat insects? Because they are opportunistic feeders and will eat snail and small vertebrates,

Genus Colluricincla

Shirkethrush,_Bower's  Colluricincla boweri  Found: Australia
Image by: 1) Jim_Bendon  2) Tom_Tarrant  3) Gary_Leavens

Shrikethrush,_Gray  Colluricincla harmonica  Found: Australasia
The Gray Shrikethrush plumage varies depending on subspecies. In the east it has olive-gray upperparts; pale Fgray-white cheeks, underparts. Western birds have gray upperparts; buff underparts. Northern birds have mainly brown plumage.
Image by: 1) JJ Harrison - Tasmania, Australia  2) birdsaspoetry   3) Nik_Borrow - Tasmania  4) David Cook - Rocky Hall, NSW, Australia

Shirkethrush,_Little  Colluricincla megarhyncha  Found: Australia, New Guinea
The nominate race of Little Shrikethrush has ferruginous upperparts; duller crown; dull rufous-brown tail; light dull rufous underparts.
Image by: 1, 2, 3) Katerina_Tvardikova - New Guinea 4) Dave Cook - Queensland

Shirkethrush, Sandstone  Colluricincla woodwardi  Found: Australia
Image by: 1) Richard_Hart

Shirkethrush,_Sooty also Morningbird  Colluricincla tenebrosa also Pachycephala tenebrosa  Found: New Guinea
The Sooty Shrikethrush has dark brown upperparts; lighter brown underparts; brownish-red eyes; black bill; gray legs.
Image by: 1) Stubblefield  2) Devonpike - Palau

Genus Coracornis
The Shrikethrushes have nondescript, predominantly brown or grey, plumage, but are accomplished singers, their calls described as strong, mellow and beautiful. Shrikethrushes are generally insectivorous, though heve been recorded eating molluscs and berries. They build cup-shaped nests in the forks of trees.

Whistler,_Maroon-backed  Coracornis raveni  Found: Sulawesi of Indonesia
Image by: 1) Yann_Muzika - Sulawesi

Shrikethrush,_Sangihe  Coracornis sanghirensis  also Colluricincla sanghirensis   Found: Sangihe Island (Indonesia)
Image by: 1) Marc_Thjbault

Genus Falcunculus - 1 species
The shriketit is also placed in its own family, Falcunculidae.

Shriketit, Crested  Falcunculus frontatus  Found: Australia
The male Crested Shriketit has black throat. Female has olive-green throat.
Image by: 1) Brian_McCauley   2) David Cook - NSW  3) Nik_Borrow - NSW  4) birdsaspoetry
1) Female 2, 3, 4) Male

Genus Melanorectes - 1 species

Pitohui,_Black  Melanorectes nigrescens  Found: New Guinea
The male Black Pitohui has slatly black plumage. Female has olive-brown upperparts; tawny-brown underparts.
Image by: 1, 2, 3) Katerina_Tvardikova  4) Nik Borrow

Genus Pachycephalas
These species are referred to as the typical whistlers; so-called for their whistling sounds.

Whistler,_Australian Golden also Golden Whistler  Pachycephala pectoralis  Found: Australasia
The male Australian Golden Whistler has olive-green upperparts; black head, white throat; bordered below by black band; yellow rear-collar; yellow underparts. Females have gray upperparts with pale olive tinge; paler gray underparts. Species sometimes still treated as subspecies of P. pectoralis are: Black-chinned Whistler, Oriole Whistler, Rusty-breasted Whistler, White-throated Whistler, Yellow-throated Whistler,
Simialr to: Samoan Whistler. Their range does not ovefrlap.
Image by: 1) Katerina_Tvardikova  2, 5,7 David Cook - NSW, Australia  3) Arthur Chapman - Queensland   4) Nik Borrow  6) Paul_Balfe - Queensland  8) Laurie_Boyle
2) Juvenile 3, 4, 5) female 6, 7, 8) Male

Whistler,_Bare-throated  Pachycephala nudigula  Found: Indonesia
Image by: 1) Ingo_Waschkies  2) John_Gerrard_Keulemans  2) Ron_Knight  4) Yann_Muzika

Whistler,_Black-chinned  Pachycephala mentalis  Found: Indonesia
The male Black-chinned Whistler has black head; white throat; black partial chest-band; yellow rest of underparts. Sometimes considered subspecies of (Australian) Golden Whistler.
Image by: 1) John_Mittermeier

Whistler,_Black-headed  Pachycephala monacha  Found: New Guinea
The male Black-headed Whistler has brownisj-black upperparts; black head, neck, throat, upper-breast; white rest underpart. Female similar.
Image by: 1) Katerina_Tvardikova  2) Jerry_Oldenettel

Whistler,_Bornean  Pachycephala hypoxantha  Found: Borneo
Image by: 1, 2) Lip_kee  3) Hans_Olofsson

Whistler,_Brown-backed  Pachycephala modesta  Found: New Guinea
The Brown-backed Whister has sooty brown upperparts with olive wash; dark gray crown; gray upperface; brown ear-coverts; white underparts.
Image by: 1) Katerina_Tvardikova 2) Jerry_Oldenettel

Whistler,_Drab  Pachycephala griseonota  Found: Indonesia
Image by: 1) John_Mittermeier

Whistler,_Fawn-breasted  Pachycephala orpheus  Found: Indonesia
Image by: 1) Yann_Muzika  2) Peter_Ericcson

Whistler,_Gilbert's  Pachycephala inornata  Found: Australia
Similar to: Red-lored Whistler.
Image by:1) Nik_Borrow  , 2) David Cook - Gluepot Reserve, South Australia, Australia 3) Peter Jacobs
1) Female / immature  2, 3) Male

Whistler,_Golden-backed  Pachycephala aurea  Found: New Guinea
The Golden-backed Whistler has black crown, face, neck; yellow back, rump; black tail, upper-wing, chin, side of throat; broad black breast-band; yellow remainder underparts; brown eyes; black bill; dark gray legs.;
Image by: 1) Katerina_Tvardikova  2)

Whistler,_Gray  Pachycephala simplex  Found:Australia, New Guinea
The Gray Whistler has olive-brown upperparts; gray-brown wings; dark olive-brown tail; grayish-brown lores, ear coverts; off-white underparts.
Image by: 1) Katerina_Tvardikova  2) Lip_kee - Northern Territory, AU  3) Geoff_Whalan

Whistler,_Green-backed  Pachycephala albiventris  Found: Philippines
Image by: 1) Lim_Chiu

Whistler,_Hooded  Pachycephala implicata  Found:New Guinea, Solomon Islands
Image by: 1) Katerina_Tvardikova

Whistler,_Island  Pachycephala phaionota  Found: Moluccas islands of Indonesia
Image by: 1) Joseph_Smit

Whistler_Lorentz  Pachycephala lorentzi  Found: New Guinea
The Lorentz Whistler has olive-green back; gray crown, nape, face; black wings, tail; white throat; gray upper-breast; remainder underparts dull yelliow' darl brown eyes; black bill.
Image by: 1) Katerina_Tvardikova  2) Nigel_Voaden

Whistler,_Mangrove  Pachycephala cinerea  Found: southeast Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines
Image by: 1) Dibyendu_Ash  2) Choy_Wai_Mun

Whistler,_Mangrove_Golden also Black-tailed Whistler  Pachycephala melanura  Found: Australia, New Guinea
Image by: 1) Katerina_Tvardikova  2) Brian_McCauley  3, 4) Tom_Tarrant
2, 3) Female  4) Male

Whistler,_New_Caledonian  Pachycephala caledonica  Found: New Caledonia
Image by: 1) Josep_del_Hoyo

Whistler,_Olive  Pachycephala olivacea  Found: southeast Australasia
The Olive Whistler has mainly olive-brown plumage. Male has dark gray head; pale gray breast; red tinged belly, rump. Female lacks red tinge and has brown underparts.
Image by: 1) JJ_Harrison - Tasmania  2) Ron_Knight  3) Mdekool

Whistler,_Oriole  Pachycephala orioloides  Found: Solomon Islands
Sometimes considered subspecies of (Australian) Golden Whistler.
Image by: 1) P_Khoo  2, 3) Tammy_Davies
1) Female 2) Male

Whistler,_Red-lored  Pachycephala rufogularis  Found: South Australia, western Victoria Image by: 1, 2, 3) Nik_Borrow
1) Juvenile 2. 3) Male

Whistler,_Regent  Pachycephala schlegelii  Found: New Guinea
The male Regent Whistler dark olive-green upperparts with black wings; black face, crown, throat; white chin; yellow hind collar; black upper-breast; rest underparts yellow. Female has olive-green upperparts; white chin; gray head, upper-breast; rest underparts yellow.
Image by: 1. 3) Katerina_Tvardikova  2) Nik_Borrow

Whistler,_Rufous  Pachycephala rufiventris  Found: Australia, New Guinea
The male Rufous Whistler has dark gray upperparts; black head, breast-band; white throat; rufous underparts. Female has dull gray or brown upperparts; white underparts with streaks.
Image by: 1, 2, 5) David_Cook - NSW, Australia  3) James_Niland - Queensland  4) Nik_Borrow  5, 7) Patrick_K59  8) Aviceda - Queensland
1 - 5) Female 5, 6, 7) Male

Whistler,_Rusty  Pachycephala hyperythra  Found: New Guinea
The Rusty Whistler has warm olive-brown upperparts; dark slate-gray lores, crown; dusky brown ear-coverts; white throat; light rufous underparts; dark brown eyes; black bill.
Image by: 1, 2, 3) Katerina_Tvardikova

Whistler,_Rusty-breasted  Pachycephala fulvotincta  Found: Indonesia
The male Rusty-breasted Whistler has black head; white throat bordered below by black; rusty-tinged yellow breast; yellow belly. Sometimes considered subspecies of (Australian) Golden Whistler.
Image by: 1, 2) John_Mittermeier

Whistler,_Samoan  Pachycephala flavifrons  Found: Samoa
Simialr to: Australian Golden Whistler. The male Samoan Whistler has blacker upperparts, yellow or white to the forehead, a dull black throat that is strongly mottled with yellow or white, and no black chest-band. The female resembles a duller version of the male with a pale grey throat.
Image by: 1) Josep_del_Hoyo
1) Female

Whistler,_Scalter's  Pachycephala soror  Found: New Guinea
The male Scalter's Whistler has dark olive-green upperparts; black head; white throat; yellow underparts. Female has olive-green upperparts; gray-brown crown; brown face; white throat; yellowish-olive breast-band; yellow belly.
Image by: 1, 2, 4) Katerina_Tvardikova   3, 5) Nik Borrow
2, 3) Female  4, 5) Male

Whistler,_Sulpher-bellied  also Sulpher-vented Whistler  Pachycephala sulfuriventer  Found: Sulawesi in Indonesia
Image by: 1) Adolf_Meyer 2) AS_Kono

Whistler,_Tongan  Pachycephala jacquinoti  Found: Tongo
The male Tongan Whistler has olive-green upperparts; black head, throat; yellow underparts. Female has yellow underparts
Image by: 1) Mary_Bomford

Whistler,_Vegelkop  Pachycephala meyeri  Found: New Guinea
Image by: 1)

Whistler,_Wallacean  Pachycephala arctitorquis  Found: Lesser Sunda Islands of Indonesia
Image by: 1, 3) Joseph Smit  2, 4) John_Hornbuckle

Whistler,_Western  Pachycephala occidentalis   Found: western Australia
Image by: 1, 2) julie_burgher - Western Australia

Whistler,_White-bellied  Pachycephala leucogastra  Found:
The male White-bellied Whistler has brownish-gray upperparts; black head, hind-neck; broad breast-band; white throat; dark brown tail, wings; red-brown eyes; black bill. Female has dark gray upperparts; whitish throat; gray breast-band; white or buffy rest of underparts.
Image by: 1) Katerina_Tvardikova  2) Marcel_Holyoak

Whistler,_White-breasted  Pachycephala lanioides  Found: Australia
Image by: 1) Geoff_Whalan - Northern Territoryn  2, 3)  Brian_McCauley
1, 2) Female   3) Male

Whistler,_White-throated also Fiji Whistler  Pachycephala vitiensis  Found: Fiji
Sometimes considered subspecies of (Australian) Golden Whistler.
Image by: 1) Hartlaub_Finsch  2) Tom_Tarrant

Whistler,_White-vented  Pachycephala homeyeri  Found: Indonesia, Malaysia
Image by: 1) Grandpa50  2) Charles_Davies

Whistler,_Yellow-bellied  Pachycephala philippinensis  Found: Philippines
Image by: 1) Richter  2, 3) Francesco_Veronesi - Mindanao

Whistler,_Yellow-throated also Banda Sea Whistler  Pachycephala macrorhyncha  Found: Indonesia
The Banda Sea Whistler has many subspecies; only the male of P. m. fuscoflava has a yellow throat. Sometimes considered subspecies of (Australian) Golden Whistler.
Image by: 1) Joseph_Smit  2) Jame Eaton
1) P. m. fuscoflava 2) P. m. dammeriana

Genus Pseudorectes
also Colluricincla

Pitohui, Rusty  Pseudorectes ferrugineus also Colluricincla ferruginea Found: New Guinea
The male Rusty Pitohui has rufous-brown upperparts; brown upper-wing coverts; rufous tail; rusty buff underparts; paler throat.
Image by: 1) Katerina_Tvardikova  2) dizzy33

Whistler,_Vanuatu  Pachycephala chlorura  Found: southeast Solomon Islands
Image by: 1) John_Gerrard_Keulemans  2) Jarmo_Komi

Pitohui, White-bellied  Pseudorectes incertus also Colluricincla incerta  Found: New Guinea
The White-bellied Pitohui has dark brown upperparts; crown; tail tinged rufous; pale brown underparts; dark brown eyes, bill; olive-gray legs. Sexes similar.
Image by: 1) Katerina_Tvardikova  2) Frederic_Pelsy

Order Passeriformes    Family Eulacestomidae

The Wattled Ploughbill is the only member of the monotypic genus Eulacestoma,

Genus Eulacestoma - 1 species

Ploughbill, Wattled  Eulacestoma nigropectus  Found: New Guinea
The male Wattled Ploughbill  has olive upperparts; black underparts, wings. Female has olive-green upperparts; pale olive underparts; pink wattles on cheek. Both sexes have wedge-shaped black bill  used to plough into dead branches etc. searching for insects.
Image by: 1, 3) Katerina_Tvardikova  2) Brendan_Ryan
2, 3) Male

Order Passeriformes    Family Mohouidae

The members of family Mohouidae were previously situated in the whistler family. All three of thesse New Zealand species have been known to practice cooperative breeding. They are the sole host for the Long-tailed Cuckoo which pushes the host's eggs out of the nest before laying its single egg.

Genus Mohoua

Whitehead  Mohoua albicilla  Found: North Island of New Zealand
The Whitehead has mainly pale brown upperparts; white head, underparts. Female has has pale brown crown, nape.
Image by: 1) Roger South   2) Duncan Wright - Tiritiri Matangi Island, New Zealand 3) David Cook - Tiritiri Matangi Island, Auckland Province, North Island, New Zealand  4) 57Andrew

Pipipi also Brown Creeper Mohoua novaeseelandiae  Found: South Island of New Zealand
Image by: 1) Tom Tarrant 2) Jon_Sullivan

Yellowhead   Mohoua ochrocephala  Found: South Island of New Zealand
Image by: 1) Jake_Osborne  2) David Cook

Order Passeriformes    Family Neosittidae

There are only two or three species in the Australasian family Neosittidaea. The Sittela resemble nuthatches, but this is due to convergent evolution. The principal component of the diet of sittellas are insects and other arthropods. Sittellas forage on horizontal branches and the trunks of trees. Their foraging techniques has been described as hopping rapidly along the length of a horizontal branch, pausing briefly to peer for prey, occasionally hanging underneath the branch but usually on top of it. Most of the time is spent on branches rather than on the trunks.

Genus Daphoenositta

Sittella, Black  Daphoenositta miranda  Found: New Guinea
Image by: 1) Katerina_Tvardikova  2) W Hart

Sittella,_Varied  Daphoenositta chrysoptera  Found: Australia, New Guinea
The Varied Sittella has gray or whitish upperparts often streaked black and gray; white, gray, or black crown and head; black wings; dark orange eyes; orange-yellow eye-ring, legs, feet.
Image by: 1) Katerina_Tvardikova  2, 7 Patrick_K59  3, 4) patrickkavanagh  5, 6) Peter Jacobs  8) birdsaspoetry

Order Passeriformes    Family Oreoicidae

Oreoicidae is a newly recognized family of small insectivorous songbirds, formerly placed in the Old World warbler "wastebin" family. It contains 3 species, all in different genera.

Genus Aleadryas - 1 speices

Bellbird, Rufous-naped
  Aleadryas rufinucha  Found: New Guinea
The Rufous-naped Bellbird has dull yellowish-olive upperparts; gray head, hindneck; rufous nape patch; olive-brown tail; yellow throat patch; whitish center of breast, belly.
Image by: 1, 2, 3) Katerina_Tvardikova  4) Jerry_Oldenettel

Genus Oreoica - 1 species

Bellbird,_Crested  Oreoica gutturalis  Found: Australia
The male Crested Bellbird has gray or olive-brown upperparts; gray head; black crest, breast. Female more muted; lacks black on breast.
Image by: 1, 4) David Cook - Queensland   2, 5) Brian_McCauley  3) julie_burgher 
1) Juvenile  2) Female  3 - 5) Male

Genus Ornorectes - 1 species

Pitohui, Crested  Ornorectes cristatus  Found: New Guinea
Image by: 1) Michael_Pennay

Order Passeriformes    Family Rhagologidae

Some place the Mottled Berryhunder in family Rhagologidae - in that case it is the only member of the family. Others place it in the whistler family: Pachycephalidae.

Genus Rhagologus - 1 species

Berryhunter,_Mottled  Rhagologus leucostigma   Found: New Guinea
The male Mottled Berryhunter has brownish-olive upperparts, hind-neck; gray forehead, crown; brownish-gray tail. Female has more pronounce markings on top of head; underparts lighter with more distinct dark markings; lower back streaked rusty outline black; head and chin much brighter rufous.
Image by: 1, 2) Katerina_Tvardikova
1) Female 2) Male

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