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Order Caprimulgiformes  Family Podargidae

The family Podargidae contains the Frogmouths.  Their closest relatives are Owlet Nightjars of family Aegothelidae and Nightjars of Family Caprimulgidae. They are found in Asia and Australasia, are poor flyers, and feed on insects and even small vertebrates.

Genus Podargus
mainly Asia, some in Australasia

Frogmouth,_Blyth's  Batrachostomus affinis  Found: southeast Asia, Borneo
Image by: 1) lonelyshrimp

Frogmouth,_Javan  Batrachostomus javensis  Found: Bali and Java (Indonesiao)
The Javan Frogmouth has mainly brown upperparts with white and gray; paler flanks, belly. Females are tawnier and paler.
Image by: 1) Francesco_Veronesi  2) Lip_kee - Java 
1) Female  2) Male

Frogmouth,_Dulit  Batrachostomus harterti  Found: Borneo
The Dulit Frogmouth has dark chestnut-brown upperparts; buffish barring on crown;  wing-coverts have large white spots; paler brown underparts with buff bars and spots.
Image by: 1) John_Gerrard_Keulemans  2) Ashley_Banwell

Frogmouth,_Gould's  Batrachostomus stellatus  Found: Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.
Image by: 1) Francesco_Veronesi - Thailand

Frogmouth,_Hodgson's  Batrachostomus hodgsoni  Found: China, Indian subcontinent, southeast Asia
Image by: 1) lonelyshrimp  2) Tony_Castro - Thailand  3) Amarjyoti_Saikia - India  3) Naturelly  4) Ayuwat_Jearwattanakanok - Thailand

Frogmouth,_Large  Batrachostomus auritus  Found: Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand.
The Large Frogmouth has chestnut and blackish-brown upperpartse; dull brown or pale rufous underparts spotted with white.
Image by: 1) LonelyShrimp - Malaysia  Con_Foley - Malaysia  2) James_Eaton - Sumatra, Indonesia

Frogmouth,_Marbled  Podargus ocellatus  Found: Australia, New Guinea, Solomon Islands
The male Marbled Frogmouth has dull gray-brown upperparts (often with marbling and streaking); or deep rufous upperparts (often with very little marbling). Underparts also variable, often  with irregular white barring  and longitudinal dark streaks. Females usually darker than males, but can be hard to differentiate.
Image by: 1, 2) Katerina_Tvardikova  3) Bauple58

Frogmouth,_Palawan  Batrachostomus chaseni  Found: Palawan in the Philippines.
Image by: 1) Blake_Matheson  2) Mark_Harper  3) Brendan_Ryan - Palawan

Frogmouth,_Papuan  Podargus papuensis  Found: Australia, New Guinea
The Papuan Frogmouth has a bulbous bill; red eye;  cream eyebrow; long tail; dark wings. Male slightly larger; marbled in appearance; female more rufous in appearance.
Image by: 1) Katerina_Tvardikova  2) Daderot  3) Graham_Winterflood  4) Jerry_Oldenettel

Frogmouth,_Philippine  Batrachostomus septimus  Found: Philippines
Image by: 1) Joseph_Smit  2) David_Fisher  3) Ramon_Quisumbing  4) Charles_Davies

Frogmouth,_Short-tailed also Sumatran Frogmouth  Batrachostomus poliolophus  Found: Sumatra (Indonesia)
Image by: 1) Seshadri_KS  2) James_Eaton - Sumatra, Indonesia

Frogmouth,_Sri_Lanka  Batrachostomus moniliger  Found: India, Sri Lanka
The male Sri Lanka Frogmouth has gray-brown plumage with fine barring and spotted crown. Some males are browner and more similar to females. Female has rufous or chestnut brown; some have black spotting on crown.
Image by: 1) Shanthanu_Bhardwaj  2) Aaron_Maizlish - India  3) Arshad.ka5
1) Male left, female right

Frogmouth,_Sunda  Batrachostomus cornutus  Found: Borneo, Sumtra
Image by: 1) Melindra12  2) David_Cook - Borneo

Frogmouth, Tawny Podargus strigoides   Found: Australia
The Tawny Frogmouth has yellow eyes and a wide beak topped with a tuft of bristly feathers. They hunt at night, mainly on insects.
Image by: 1) Benjamint444 - southeast Asia 2) David Cook - Australia   3) Blueday - Sydney, Australia  4, 5) Dick Daniels - Miami Zoo  6) Dick Daniels - Featherdale Wildlife Park, Australia  7) Charlie Westerinen - Swansea, Australia

Genus Rigidipenna
- 1 species

Frogmouth,_Solomons  `Rigidipenna inexpectata  Found: Solomon Islands
The Solomons Frogmouth differs in several ways from other frogmouths, for instance in having only eight tail feathers instead of the more usual ten or twelve, and also in having coarser feathers. It also has barred primary feathers and tail feathers, larger speckles and more pronounced white spots.
Image by: 1) Siddarth_Raj

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