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Order Passeriformes    Family Formicariidae

These South and Central American birds are found in forests. They tend to feed on insects at or near the ground since many are specialist ant eaters. Most are drab in appearance with shades of (rusty) brown, black, and white being their dominant tones. Compared to other birds that specialize in following ants, this family is the most tied to the ground. The long powerful legs and an essentially vestigial tail aid this lifestyle. They have a distinctive upright posture. They are similar in appearance to small rails. The thrush part of the name refers only to the similarity in size (and in Chamaeza also coloration) to true thrushes, not to an evolutionary relationship.

Thare are related to the antbirds of family Thamnophilidae and the gnateaters of family Conopophagidae.

Genus Chamaeza
These birds are found in South America

Antthrush, Barred  Chamaeza mollissimaFound: Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
Image by: 1) Joseph Wolf  2) Luis  Salagaje

Antthrush, Rufous-tailed  Chamaeza ruficauda  Found: Argentina, Brazil
The Rufous-tailed Antthrush has brown upperparts becoming more rufous over rump and tail; light underparts with scallop patterns; white throat, supercilium.
Image by: 1) Arthur Grosset  2) Hector_Bottai - Brazil

Antthrush, Schwartz's  Chamaeza turdina  Found: Columbia, Venezuela
The Schwartz's Antthrush was formerly a subspecies of the Rufous-tailed Antthrush. Their songs are different.
Image by: 1) Jhonathan Miranda

Antthrush,_Short-tailed  Chamaeza campanisona  Found: South America
The Short-tailed Antthrush has brown upperparts; white underparts with dark chevron marking; short white supercilium.
Image by: 1, 2) Claudio Timm  3) Hector_Bottai - Brazil

Antthrush, Striated  Chamaeza nobilis  Found: Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
The Striated Antthrush has brown upperparts; white supercilium; whitish underparts with bold dark streaks.
Image by : 1) Chrystopher Canaday  2) Nick Athanas - Ecuador

Antthrush, Such's  also  Cryptic Antthrush  Chamaeza meruloides  Found: Brazil
The Such's Antthrush has olive-brown upperparts; red or buffy brown forecrown; white or buffy white throat; buffy white underparts with sides streaked with black.
Image by: 1) Joao Quental  2) Francesco_Veronesi

Genus Formicarius
Compact, short-tailed, forest-floor dwelling bird that characteristically walks like a chicken.

Antthrush,_Black-faced  Formicarius analis  Found; Mexico, Central America, South America
The Black-faced Antthrush has rufous-brown upperparts; paler brown underparts; black face, throat; rufous under-tail; white partial eye-ring.
Image by: 1) Leslie Tucci  2) Dave Curtis  3) Francesco_Veronesi - Panama

Antthrush,_Black-headed   Formicarius nigricapillus  Found: Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama
Image by: 1) Nick_Athanas - Ecuador

Antthrush,_Rufous-breasted Formicarius rufipectus  Found: Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Venezuela
The Rufous-breasted Antthrush has a rufous underparts.
Image by: 1) Brendan_Ryan - Ecuador  Gerard Mornie - Ecuador 2, 3) Nick_Athanas -Ecuador

Antthrush, Rufous-capped  Formicarius colma  Found: South America
The Rufous-capped Anttjrush has a rufous cap; black breast.
Image by: 1. 2) Dario Sanches  3) Marco_Cruz  4) Nick_Athanas -Ecuador

Antthrush,_Rufous-fronted  Formicarius rufifrons  Found: nw Bolivia, sw Brazil, se Peru
Image by: 1) Kristian_Svensson - Peru

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