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Order Sphenisciformes - 1 family   Family Spheniscidae

Except for captive situations, penguins are not found in northern hemisphere. Their rigid flippers, movable on at the shoulder, let them "fly" under water. Their feet are webbed and are used as rudders. But the feet are not well designed for walkng onvland.

Genus Aptenodytes

Penguin, Emperor  Aptenodytes forsteri   Found: Antarctica
Image by: 1) Samuel Blanc  2) Dbush  3) Glenn Grant

Penguin, King  Aptenodytes patagonicus   Found: Antarctica (coast), neighboring islands
Image by: 1) Liam Quinn    2) Ben Tubby - West Falkland  3) Samuel Blanc

Genus Eudyptes

Penguin,_Erect-crested  Eudyptes sclateri  Found: New Zealand
The Erect-crested Penquin has black upperparts, upper-breast; rest underparts white; broad, bright yellow eyebrow-stripe extends over the eye to form a short, erect crest.
Image by: 1) John_Gerrard_Keulemans  2) Mederic

Penguin,_Fiordland  Eudyptes pachyrhynchus  Found: New Zealand
The Fiordland Penguin has dark bluish-gray upperparts; darker head; white underparts; yellow eyebrow-stripe which extends over the eye and drops down the neck. Most have three to six whitish stripes on the face.
Image by: 1) P_Khoo  2) C00ch

Penguin,_Macaroni  Eudyptes chrysolophus  Found: from the Subantarctic to the Antarctic Peninsula
The Marcaroni Penguin has black upperparts, head; white underparts; yellow crest.
Image by: 1) Liam_Quinn  2) Jerzy_Strzelecki  3) Andrew_Shiva

Penguin, Northern Rockhopper  also  Tristan Penguin  Eudyptes moseleyi  Found: Australasia (rare), Madagascar (rare)
Image by: 1, 2) Brian Gratwicke  Arjan Haverkamp

Penguin,_Royal  Eudyptes schlegeli  Found: sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island and adjacent islands
The Royal Penguin has black upperparts, crown; white face, throat, underparts; yellow crest.
Image by: 1, 2) M. Murphy  3, 4) Natalie_Tapson

Penguin, Snare's  Eudyptes robustus   Found: New Zealand
Image by: Thomas Mattern - Snare's Islands

Penguin, Western Rockhopper  Eudyptes chrysocome   Found: Antarctica, Falkland Islands, islands of Argentina and southern Chile
Image by: 1) Stan Shebs  2) Samuel Blanc

Genus Pygoscelis

Penguin, Adélie  Pygoscelis adeliae Found: Antarctica (coast), neighboring islands
Image by: 1) Dr. Wayne Trivelpiece  2) Jason Auch

Penguin, Chinstrap Pygoscelis antarctica   Found: Antarctica (coast), neighboring islands
Image by: 1)  Gilad Rom  2) Jason Auch

Penguin, Gentoo  Pygoscelis papua   Found: Antactica, South America
Image by: 1) Ben Tubby   2) Zee Evans   3) Jerzy Strzelecki  4) Charlie Westerinen - Port Lockroy. Antarctica  5) Cláudio Timm - Beagle Channel, Argentina

Genus Spheniscus

Penguin, African also Jackass Penguin Spheniscus demersus   Found: Africa (southern)
Image by: 1, 5, 7, 8) Dick Daniels - South Africa   2, 3, 4) Sandy Cole near Cape Town, South Africa
     6) Sandy - South Africa   9) Dick Daniels - National Aviary 

Penguin, Galapagos  Spheniscus mendiculus   Found: Galapagos Islands, Fernandina Island, and Isabela Island
Image by: 1) putneymark  2) Richard Jenkinson

Penguin, Humboldt  Spheniscus humboldti   Found: South America
Image by: 1) NRG800  2) ipfreaks - Tierpark Berlin, Germany  3) Wilfried Wittkowsky  4) Pelican - Asahiyama zoo, Asahikawa, Japan 5, 6, 7, 8) Dick Daniels - Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle

Penguin, Magellanic Spheniscus magellanicus   Found: South America
Image by: 1, 2, 3) dFaulder - Peninsula Valdes, Argentina  4) Guglielmo Celata - Chile

Penguin, Little Blue  also Little Penguin  Eudyptula minor   Found: Australia, New Zealand
Image by: 1, 2, 3) Dick Daniels - the Antarctic Center in NZ   4, 5) JJ Harrison - Tasmania, Australia

Penguin, Yellow-eyed  Megadyptes antipodes   Found: New Zealand (southern) and the environs
Image by:1) Ville Miettinen  2) Christian Mehlführer

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