EMBERIZIDAE of North America

The Emberizidae family includes brush-finches, buntings, juncos, New World sparrows, and towhees. The majority of these birds live in the New World where the family probably originated. They are small seed-eaters with a finch-like bill. In addition to seeds they also eat insects, especially when feeding their young. They build cup-shaped nests.


Order Passeriformes   Family Emberizidae

The buntings on this page belong to the Emberizidae family. These buntings are predominantly found in the Old World and most belong to genus Emberiza. There are also birds called buntings in the Cardinalidae family.

Genus Calamospiza - 1 species

Bunting, Lark     Calamospiza melanocorys Found: west North America
The Lark Bunting has short thick bluish bill; white patch on the wings. Breeding male has all black body. Females and nonbreeding males grayish-brown upperparts; white underparts with grayish-brown stripes.
Image by: 1) Scot Brim  2, 4, 7) Jerry Oldenettel - New Mexico and Colorado  3)   Jason Forbes - Colorado    5) J N Stuart - New Mexico   6) John Breitsch  
1, 2, 3, 4) Female  5) nonbreeding male  6, 7) Breeding male

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