The order Anseriformes contains about 150 living species of birds in three families: the Anhimidae (the screamers), Anseranatidae (the Magpie Goose), and the Anatidae, which includes over 140 species of waterfowl, among them the ducks, geese, and swans. All species in the order are web-footed for efficient swimming and have a large wide bill with a specialized tongue that allows water to be sucked in the front of the bill. An array of plates traps food particles as the water is expelled out the sides of the bill. Not all species feed this way, some graze on plants and some also catch fish. [abstracted from Wikipedia]

Dabbling Ducks

Order Anseriformes    Family Anatidae  

Teals belong to genus Anas as is also true for dabbling ducks. Teals have been given their own web page as an arbitrary way to split the presentation of this large genus. Teals do not totally submerge when feeding and are often seen with just their rears showing as the search for food. Because of their feeding method, teals have evolved to be more buoyant than diving ducks.

Genus Anas

Teal, Andaman  Anas albogularis  Found: Andaman Islands of India
The Andaman Teal has mainly dark brown plumage with buffy markings; pale face, throat; white eye-ring.
Image by: 1) John Gerrard Keulemans  2) Anay Tamekar

Teal, Baikal  Anas formosa    Found: Asia
The male Baikal Teal has dark crown, yellow face with striking black swirl, yellow front of neck, light brown breast with dark spots, brown back with long scapulars, gray sides. Female Baikal Teal has a back simialar to the male's without long scapulars, distinctive white loral spot at base of bill, white underparts.
Image by:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Dick Daniels - Sylvan Heights 

Teal, Eurasian  also  Common Teal  Anas crecca  Found: Europe, Asia
The Eurasian Teal is a small dabbling duck. The breeding male has a chestnut head,  green eye patch, gray back and flanks.  Female is mottled brown, has dark eye-line.
Similar to: female Mallard. Plumage of female Green-winged Teal and female Mallard is similar. Size is the best differentiator.
Image by: 1, 2) Sergey Yeliseev  3, 4) Dick Daniels - Sylvan Heights

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